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Express your Heartfelt Sympathy


Sending sympathy flowers in the event of a death is one of the most poignant ways to express your own personal sorrow and empathy towards a grieving family. There are no ‘rules’ when choosing appropriate sympathy flowers. Although white is generally the most common choice, some prefer opting for colour, whether it is a soft pastel pink or a bright and colourful sympathy arrangement that reflects the memory of a fun and vibrant soul. You can order sympathy flowers through email or give our professional team a call to discuss your personal needs and arrange customised condolence flowers on 03 9509 3680 or email us


The song has ended, but the melody lingers on …

How to Arrange Funeral Flowers

The need to organise funeral flowers or condolence flowers when a friend, colleague, or family member passes away is fortunately few and far between for the majority of us. But the reality is at some point in our lives we will need to do just this.

Usually the process of arranging casket flowers, memorial service or sympathy flower arrangements is tinged with sadness, shock, pain and/or stress, and it can be difficult for people to know what to do, or what is ‘appropriate’ when feeling this way.

Flowers for Everyone offer the option of selecting flowers for a funeral service or to send in sympathy from a collection of popular choices featured in our online florist shop. Alternatively, many customers prefer to pick up the phone and talk about their thoughts and special requests with a member of our qualified floral consultant team.

Typically, it is the immediate family that arrange casket flowers and arrangements to display at the memorial service.


Flowers for Funeral Caskets

There are two types of funeral services – closed casket and open casket. For a closed casket our florists create funeral flower sprays that sit on top of the closed lid. The length of the spray is dependent on the size of the casket, which you will be guided by through your funeral director or our florist team.

The colour of the funeral spray is a personal choice. Although peaceful, pure white is a traditional funeral colour, not all cultures or clients opt for this. It really depends on the wishes of the deceased, their personality, or their age. For example, it may be more preferable to select their favourite colour (or flower).

For an open casket funeral, customers usually select a ‘flower casket insert’ that is attached discreetly along either the inside corner or edge of the casket. Another option are garlands of flowers to lay across the join between the base and the open lid, or ‘strings’ of flowers hung along the inside of the open lid.


Flowers for Funeral Services

It is common to see large flower arrangements displayed at funeral services, using big bold blooms so as to be seen from afar, and white flowers or light colours that stand out even in low light.

Large sprays and wreaths attached to display stands on the altar offer a traditional option for services, or alternatively tall vase, basket and urn arrangements for plinth stands and altar stairs. A smaller arrangement at the entrance to the service is also a commonly chosen by family members.

For friends and family attending (or not able to attend) the funeral service, an open sheath (that is, a front facing bouquet without wrapping), wreath, or a flower arrangement that can be placed on the floor/ground at the memorial service (that may be taken home by the immediate family after the service), are typical examples of what our customers order.

Flowers for Everyone florists personally create, arrange and deliver flowers for crematoriums, cemeteries and memorial gardens throughout the Melbourne metro.



If you have any questions or would like our florist team to customize funeral flowers especially for you, please don’t hesitate to phone us on 03 9509 3680 or email the team directly at